BioBlitz – 7/8th June a record of our findings

July 20, 2013 Carole Humber Wildlife

Greenfly Aphid
Centipede Arthropod
Millipede Arthropod
Worm Arthropod
Chafer Beetle
Cream spot ladybird Beetle
Endomychus coccineus Beetle
Rhagonycha fulva Beetle
Violet ground beetle Beetle
Blackbird Bird
Blackcap Bird
Chaffinch Bird
Chiffchaff Bird
Common buzzard Bird
Great tit Bird
Long tail tit Bird
Magpie Bird
Wood pigeon Bird
Wren Bird
Greater spotted woodpecker Bird
Small white caterpillar Butterfly
Orange tip butterfly Butterfly
Ash fungus Fungus
Ant Insect
Banded demoiselle Insect
Bee Insect
Bluebottle Insect
Cranefly Insect
Grasshopper juvenile Insect
Red ant Insect
Scorpion fly Insect
Hedge sparrow eggshell Interest
Hole – mink? Interest
Mistle thrush skull Interest
Conical shell snail Mollusc
Five banded snail Mollusc
Woodlouse Mollusc
Bindweed Plant
Bluebell Plant
Bramble Plant
Burdock Plant
Butterbur Plant
Celandine Plant
Cowparsley Plant
Creeping buttercup Plant
Dandelion Plant
Dock Plant
Goose grass Plant
Grass smaller cats tail Plant
Grass timothy Plant
Holly Plant
Ivy Plant
Ladysmock Plant
Meadow buttercup Plant
Nettles Plant
Plantain (chimney sweep) Plant
Primrose Plant
Red campion Plant
Red clover Plant
Sorrel Plant
Speedwell Plant
Thistle Plant
White clover Plant
Wild (dog) rose Plant
Wild garlic Plant
Willowherb Plant
Woundwort Plant
Yellow archangel Plant
Moss Plant
Red spider mite Spider
Steatoda phalerata (Panzer) Spider
Alder Tree
Crack willow Tree
Hawthorn Tree
Hazel Tree
Silver birch Tree

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