Fruit Trees in the Dane Meadow

These trees were bought and planted by Home Grown in Holmes Chapel, a group of volunteers growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in and around the village for members of the public to pick for free. They also support local produce growers and encourage ‘grow your own’ initiatives.

 ft1e    ft2e       

The bare-root trees were planted by volunteers in March 2014

The trees are all standard rather than dwarf varieties and two trees of each variety have been planted:

Discovery – an eating apple which originated in Essex, UK.  It is crisp and juicy with a slightly sharp   flavour.  The fruits ripen early in the   season and can usually be picked from early to mid-August. Kidds Orange – an eating apple which originated in New Zealand, but which   is particularly suited to the Cheshire climate.  It has an exceptional flavour and is firm,   juicy and aromatic like a Cox, but sweeter.    It ripens much later in the season and can be picked from mid-October.

FT3                ft4

Bramley – cooking apple which originated in Nottingham, UK.  It has a very good, sharp flavour, cooking   to a pleasantly flavoured puree and is considered to be the definitive   cooking apple in the UK.  It is ready   to be picked in early to mid October. Burr Knotcooking apple is an old English variety of unknown   origin first recorded in 1818. It is characterised by burrs at the base of   branches which will root if planted.    It has large, round fruit which cooks to a yellow puree which is sweet   and pleasantly flavoured. It can be picked from mid September

ft5               ft6

Packham’s Triumph – originated in Australia and has a good, sweet flavour   and is juicy when ripe.  The fruit are   ready to pick from the end of October. Conference – originated in Hertfordshire this is one of the most popular   varieties of pear in the UK.  It can be   picked and eaten immediately when it is crisp and crunchy, or left to ripen,   when it becomes soft and juicy.  It has   a sweet and pleasant flavour and can be picked from the beginning of October.

ft7                         ft8

Cheshire Damson – Damson trees were traditionally planted in hedgerows in   Cheshire and can be found there still.    The fruit has a sharp flavour, making it exceptionally good for   cooking.  The damsons ripen in   September.

ft9                  ft10

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