Bird Viewing Area

This was the first project in the development of the Dane Meadow. The brambles were first cleared by a group from Barclays in November 2012 and in the following spring local community volunteers planted hedging plants in a horseshoe shape to define the Bird Viewing Area. Since then a path and an area of hard standing have been laid to allow access for all and a bird hide with an information board have been erected funded by a grant from the waste recycling firm WREN.

Hedging plants

These include blackthorn, dog rose, holly, elder, bird cherry, guelder rose and mountain ash. These are all shrubs that produce berries attractive to birds. They have been planted so that eventually they will form a 2 metre wide hedge which will provide not only food but cover and a habitat for small birds. The plants have been mulched with woodchip to keep down the competition they face from grass, nettles and bindweed.

Bird Hide

This fence with viewing points has been erected so that people can watch birds without being seen themselves.

Bird Table

This area has been developed to encourage small birds like those to be seen on the information sign. The bird table has a sort of cage over it, which will allow smaller birds through but prevent larger birds from taking all the food.

Log pile

This pile of logs can also be called a hibernaculum. It serves a number of purposes:

  • a habitat for insects
  • a perching area for birds
  • insects to feed birds

You can find information on the birds you might see on our Birds in the Dane Meadow page



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