Ponds in the Dane Meadow

What is a pond?

A pond is a small area of still, fresh water. It is different from a river or a stream because it does not have moving water and it differs from a lake because it has a small area and is no more than around 1.8m deep. Some ponds are formed naturally, filled either by an underwater spring, or by rainwater – sometimes known as ‘dewponds’; other ponds are man-made. Ponds of our countryside are an endangered habitat.

Life in a Pond

A pond is a fascinating habitat to study, a good one teeming with a great variety of both animal and plant life. The community (all the species of animals and plants present) in one pond may be quite different from that in another, even if the ponds are close together.

More than 1,000 species of animals live in ponds – although you are unlikely to find all of them in any single pond. Almost every group of living creature is represented, except starfish which live only in the sea. Even the smallest pond will have a population of amphibians (frogs, toads and newts), small fish e.g. sticklebacks, and a huge variety of invertebrates

We have created two ponds in the Dane Meadow – the Shady Pond can be found hidden in the trees on the right as you enter from the Moreton Drive entrance and the Meadow Pond is at the eastern end of the meadow itself.

Shady Pond

This pond is the extension of a large puddle which traditionally has been wet all year round. It is constantly fed by a spring rising at the mother end. The excess water created a boggy area as it ran off towards the River Dane. This water is now piped towards the river making the official footpath less muddy.

This pond is shallower than the Meadow Pond to allow light to reach the bottom as it is in an are shaded by trees.

It is hoped that it will attract a slightly different population of flora and fauna to the Meadow pond which is in more open ground. The surrounding trees and shrubs provide good cover for birds to come and drink. The fallen leaves and twigs create niches for invertebrates and amphibians. The lack of direct sunlight makes it likely that this area will be a suitable habitat for these creatures throughout the year.


Meadow Pond





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