Dog Walking

As a regular dog walker (I worked out that over the last 7 years I must have been down there at least 3500 times!) I must admit to having mixed feelings when I learnt about the proposals to ‘domesticate’ the area. However, I think overall the improvements are great and once they bed in and nature knocks the edges off, it will make that 7am walk in the rain and dark less of a chore and more enjoyable.

One thing I like about the Dane Meadow is that it is constantly changing – through the seasons and through the weathering of the landscape. Below are a few pictures that show what I mean.

If you are a dog walker there is only one rule for the Dane Meadow Рplease be considerate to other people who might not like mucky wet dogs jumping around and, in particular, PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG!

Enjoy your walking РI know my dogs do!





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